4 Tips to Jumpstart a Healthy Heart

By eMedical Officesheart[1]

Doctors often advise their patients to follow “easy” tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy heart. Most patients would consider avoiding bacon, exercising regularly and steering clear of sugary treats a complete lifestyle change – not exactly a simple trick to jumpstarting a healthier heart.

As American Heart Month comes to a close – patients (and even doctors) begin to “fall off the wagon” post New Year’s Resolution.  eMedical Urgent Care offers the following fun, creative and truly easy tips for maintaining a healthy heart. It should be said these effects are greater if the patient exercises regularly too.

Laugh it Up

Having a good sense of humor is not only good for relationships – but it’s good for your heart too! Fifteen minutes of laughter a day could prevent heart disease, according to a study at the University of Maryland. Laughing strengthens artery walls, lowers blood pressure, increases blood flow to the heart and pumps more oxygen into the blood. For some, family is a great source of laughter. If not, a local comedy club will certainly do the trick.

Pucker Up

Prior to a kiss the heart begins to race – most refer to this as having “butterflies in the stomach.” However, it is only an adrenaline rush. This hormone gets your blood pumping, helps lower blood pressure and improves circulation. A good smooch also helps improve mood and decrease stress. Although Valentine’s Day is over, have a heart – and help a heart – by kissing your valentine again.

Bottoms Up

For those 21 and older, a healthy heart is one glass of wine away. But only one glass of wine – anything else will reverse the effects. Drinking a glass of red wine increases good cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease. If laughing and kissing doesn’t cure stress, one glass of wine at dinner may help.

Game On

Gone are the days when children and adults lie around playing video games. Given the seal of approval from the American Heart Association, Nintendo Wii encourages consumers to get off their bums and onto their feet. With games like Dance Dance Revolution, Active Life: Outdoor Challenge and Punch-Out, patients are able to have fun with the added bonus of being active – which is key for a long-lasting healthy heart.

Although American Heart Month is drawing to a close, eMedicalUrgent Care encourages patients to keep a healthy heart throughout the year. Host a Wii party, enjoy laughter and wine with friends – and perhaps share a kiss – all in the name of a healthy heart.

If you need medical attention for a non-life-threatening illness or injury, eMedical Urgent Care is open during the evening hours to treat walk-in patients. If you have questions about medical conditions, download iTriage from the iTunes or Android Marketplace, or check out iTriageHealth.com for your healthcare answers.


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