Help! I’m sick and I want to have fun

By eMedical Urgent Care

You are a generation with the world at your fingertips. If you want information, recommendations or socialization, you have it with just one click of a button. You can tell a story in 140 characters or less. You can friend, unfriend, be in a relationship, end a relationship or label it “complicated” in less time than it takes to download a song.

By now, you have mastered the art of multitasking. You kept a packed schedule throughout your childhood and it has continued into adulthood. And chances are you have realized just how difficult balancing work, friendships, dating, family time and alone time can be.

Life in your 20s and early 30s is fully focused on “making life happen” before you settle down. You move at one speed and that’s turbo. With summer on the horizon, nights are going to get longer and the mornings seem to come a lot quicker. You have zero time to be sick or injured.

How can eMedical Urgent Care give you back your time? Urgent care is the perfect remedy for you. With your social calendar in full speed during the summer months, you are bound to get the dreaded summer cold. Or perhaps it is just an injury from co-ed football – which according to WebMD, you’ve broke your arm but iTriage leads you to believe it is just a sprain.

You are too old for your favorite pediatrician, you haven’t decided if you need a primary care physician and you are far too busy to worry about that when it’s Friday night and you have plans to go out by 9. You have no time for appointments. You don’t have the luxury of taking time off from work, and the local ER is inconvenient and expensive. You need a place that is fast and convenient with no fees for cancellation if plans change. Best of all, there is no commitment involved so there is no break-up guilt should you come in frequently or just when you are in a pinch.

eMedical Urgent Care walk-in urgent care is designed for a person on the go, the person who juggles the many facets of life and wants quick yet thorough care.  And whether you visit us often or only when you are dire need, we are happy to have you!

If you were just bounced from your parents insurance policy, have a job that doesn’t offer insurance or currently in between jobs, we offer a discounted rate for you! We are all about our patients – we are about YOU! It is your life, your lifestyle and we do our best to accommodate you.

Bring a friend, come sick or injured and leave happy. We’ll have you out in 30 minutes or less, which gives you enough time to hit the gym, go tanning and do laundry.



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