Children’s and Adults’ MMR Vaccinations Available at Urgent Care Facility

Examining the NHL’s Mumps OutbreakMMR Vaccination

Before this year’s Mumps outbreak, in the NHL of all places, the disease was very rarely discussed. This was largely because of the MMR vaccine and its effectiveness against the disease. Prior to vaccination, there were thousands of Mumps cases every year in the United States alone. This number shrank significantly, almost to the point of extinction, following the vaccination. So why has this disease reared its head, especially when so many of the players in the NHL who have contracted the illness say they were immunized as children?

The Effectiveness of the MMR Vaccine Against Mumps

The MMR vaccine is, in fact, extremely effective against Mumps (as well as Measles and Rubella). Yet even someone who has received the vaccine can still contract Mumps. This has to do with a phenomenon known as vaccine failure. Essentially, the effectiveness of a vaccine can wear off over time, and it happens when the body doesn’t maintain the same level of antibodies that it once did. To combat this, you might want to consider getting a Mumps booster shot, available at your local walk-in urgent care facility.

Before we continue, it is important to note that the Mumps outbreak in the NHL has been mostly contained and appears to be on its last legs.

How is Mumps Spread?

Mumps is a virus that is spread through the respiratory process. So, things like coughing and sneezing will generally help spread mumps. Unfortunately, symptoms may not appear until up to three weeks after contracting Mumps. This means that someone can spread the virus without even knowing that they have it. These are all contributing factors that demonstrate why the NHL makes the perfect breeding ground for something like Mumps.

Mumps? Really?

Chances are you won’t need to worry about contracting Mumps any time soon, but new research may conclude that Mumps booster shots are recommended for adults whose immunization may have worn off. The MMR vaccine for Mumps, Measles and Rubella is one of the core group of vaccines recommended by pediatricians for all children. If you are an adult born outside of the U.S. and you may not have received your MMR vaccine, consult with an urgent care facility like eMedical Urgent Care to become vaccinated.

If you have a young unvaccinated child, contact eMedical today to learn more about vaccinations like the MMR and how they can help keep your children healthy and safe.


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