Celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week

“United In Safety”

Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 8-14) is an annual education and awareness campaign held in March for healthcare safety led by The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF). Each year, healthcare organizations around the world take part in the event, creating awareness in their community and among their staff of the importance of safety in healthcare. This year’s theme is, “United in Safety.” This theme emphasizes the partnership that we as healthcare workers at eMedical Urgent Care have with our patients: We are all united in the goal of keeping patients free from harm.

The NPSF’s vision is to create a world where patients and those who care for them are free from harm. Patient engagement and the importance of the relationship between providers and patients and their families is an added focus of the campaign. eMedical ensures an open dialogue between these parties to provide the safest care possible. This national campaign gives us an opportunity to take part in the conversation and raise awareness about the importance of patient safety at eMedical Urgent Care in support of this initiative.

eMedical Urgent Care is dedicated to taking a number of steps every day (with every patient) to maximize safety and is here to support your family. Just one of the ways we are committed to patient safety includes our quality of care with a typical wait time of less than 30 minutes. Because we realize that when you need URGENT medical care – you need it urgently!

Patients are also urged to take greater responsibility for their health by becoming more informed healthcare consumers. Below are a couple safety patient tips to keep in mind:

Ask Questions

Talk to your doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Speak up with any questions or concerns. Your health is important and it’s OK to ask for a repeated or rephrased explanation if you do not understand.

Know Your Medications

Medication errors are one of the main reasons for health care complications. Keep a list of all the medicines you take and talk specifics with your health care provider. Know the medicine interactions (and what to avoid while taking them) and follow your medication plan. Find out more medication safety tips from NPSF.

Understand What’s Happening

Learn as much as you can about your illness. Ask for written information or reputable resources, respected websites and/or support groups.

Evenings. Weekends. Holidays.

Our convenient hours are designed to fit your schedule. We pledge that, on average, you’ll be seen by one of our professional providers within 30 minutes. eMedical Urgent Care provides the right doctors, with the right care, right now. Conveniently located in Berkeley Heights and Middletown, NJ, we see all patients on a walk-in basis without appointments.


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