Improve Employee Productivity and Reduce Employer Costs with eMedical Urgent Care Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health ServicesLife today moves at a feverish pace, between work meetings, family business and never ending tasks.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget to make time for your lunch let alone make time for your health. Taking care of yourself, however, is the one item on your ‘to do’ list you can’t afford to ignore.

In addition to a healthy, nutritious diet, fitting in regular exercise, getting enough sleep and limiting stress, regular doctor visits are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. This is where eMedical Urgent Care comes in. In addition to providing immediate care for a variety of infections, illnesses and injuries, we also help avoid preventable diseases through vaccinations, physicals and occupational health services for employers.

Reduce Costs

It’s no surprise that employers have seen their healthcare costs rise dramatically over the years. Employers are able to reduce the costs associated with unhealthful lifestyles and chronic health problems by providing their employees with access to annual physicals, disease management, travel immunizations and flu vaccinations. Nationally, Influenza results in billions of dollars in lost wages every year and recent studies found that an estimated 75 million missed workdays annually, and about 200 million days of restricted activity, are due to this vaccine-preventable disease.

Preventive healthcare programs for employees, such as smoking cessation and weight loss, mean lower healthcare costs for employers and greater worker productivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity rates have climbed in the United States and obesity cost U.S. businesses $13 billion a year.

Healthier employees provide continuity for businesses, with fewer disruptions due to absence, greater day‐to‐day productivity, and less turnover.

No Appointment Needed

At eMedical Urgent Care, we understand the importance of getting your ill or injured employee back to work as soon as possible. The CDC noted that ER wait times often vary between 30 and 120 minutes. Our pledge is that, on average, you’ll be seen by one of our professional providers within 30 minutes. Your employees will receive the same quality care they’d receive at an emergency room – without the long wait and expense.

We’re Here to Support Your Business

Our centers offer complete urgent care, lab and X-ray services. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, board-certified emergency medicine physicians and other urgent care providers. From medical exams, to pre-employment screening, to physicals, to worker’s compensation services — we can help you manage programs, compliance and reduce costs. Visit our website and see our brochure for more information on occupational health services.


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