Top Tips for Fire Pit Safety

Fire Pit SafetyFire pits are popular, functional and very dangerous – that is why eMedical Urgent Care is warning patients of the dangers of fire pits and recommending safety measures.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire pits or outdoor fireplaces are the No. 1 requested design features for outdoor living. While they may look attractive, bringing warmth and light to your outdoor space, it’s important to remember that fire pits and fire features do come with risks to people, pets and property.

eMedical Urgent Care’s Medical Director Jane Sennett, DO, offers the following safety tips to keep in mind when using a fire pit:

  • Be aware of weather conditions before starting a fire
  • Do not leave a fire pit unattended
  • Put out any fire completely
  • Follow all seasonal fire restrictions
  • Keep children a safe distance from any fire pit
  • Burn dry or seasoned wood
  • Never use accelerants, garbage or garden clippings to start a fire
  • Always have a fire extinguisher nearby
  • Keep a first aid kit close for accidental burns

By following these safety measures, you can make your fire pit evenings enjoyable and safe.


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