Movember – Men’s Health Awareness Month

In honor of “Movember” and increasing the awareness for men’s health through the power of the mustache, eMedical Urgent Care has provided lifestyle tips that all men can make to stay healthy and strong. Movember is an annual campaign that runs throughout the month of November to raise awareness for men’s health. Led by The Movember Foundation – a leading global organization dedicated to supporting men’s health – the campaign challenges men to grow mustaches to generate conversation and raise funds for men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and other common diseases.

The Link between Prostate Cancer and Osteoporosis

Many common diseases that men often suffer from can be prevented. However, prevention starts with knowing how to protect ourselves and understanding the risks.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting American men. All men are at risk for prostate cancer, but most men diagnosed are 65 years or older. As men age, their risks for developing osteoporosis increases. Osteoporosis is of particular concern for men with prostate cancer as well as for prostate cancer survivors. Recently, a strong link has been found between hormone deprivation therapy, one of the treatments for prostate cancer, and the development of osteoporosis.

Lifestyle Tips for Bone Strength

  1. Nutrition: Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamin D and calcium. Calcium builds strong bones, but vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium.
  2. Exercise: Engage in moderate, regular weight-bearing exercise on most days of the week, such as walking, to help prevent bone loss and provide other great health benefits. Bone is living tissue (like muscle) that responds to exercise by becoming stronger. Core strengthening is critical to strengthen muscles around the spine, which can prevent falls.
  3. Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking and alcohol. Those who drink and smoke heavily are more prone to bone loss and fracture.
  4. Talk to your Doc: Many factors can affect bone strength, such as use of certain medications. Consult with your doctor at eMedical Urgent Care to explain your individual risks as well as prevention and treatment options. A bone mineral density test (BMD) DEXA scan (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) is the “gold-standard” bone test to determine the extent of your bone loss.

Movember – Men’s Health Awareness Month | Urgent Care Clinic

eMedical Urgent Care Raising Awareness for Men’s Health

It’s still #‎Movember. Mo’s are everywhere! It’s not too late to sign up and join the men’s health movement: Grow, Give, MOVE.

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