Flip Flops Could Be Killing Your Feet

Flip flops tend to be synonymous with New Jersey summers at the shore, and most of us have multiple pairs. They exude a freeing sensation for your feet and your soul…that is, until they become a tripping hazard. Recent studies have shown that certain types of flip flops can be detrimental to your feet and can actually cause major health issues in the future. Below we will explore some reasons why you should reconsider how much you’re wearing flip flops and provide some helpful tips to avoid injury. 

1. Blisters (that can lead to infection)

Search for the most comfortable flip flop: This is one of the essential keys to avoiding potential foot issues. Sandals based on design or brand alone can be tough on your feet. If the strap is uncomfortable or the thong is flimsy, it could cause blisters or cuts which could lead to infection if you’re in public places like a pool or the beach. And remember to let your sandals air out when they get wet; wet flip flops cause uncomfortable friction and irritation.

2. Permanent Foot Damage

Due to certain medical conditions such as hammertoe, people should decrease the amount of time wearing flip flops. Hammertoe can occur when your toe knuckles bend inward from wearing flip flops too much. This can destroy posture, interrupt balance control and ultimately leave you with misshapen feet. Therefore, it is highly recommended to switch it up every now and then (read: wear comfortable sneakers) to avoid such issues.

3. Trip Hazards

Whether they are rushing to go hang out with their friends or playing sports…children run. They don’t walk. Flip flops and children can be a dangerous combination. Toe injuries from riding bikes with inadequate footwear is very common; bump toe sandals can provide adequate protection for children to run and ride a bike safely. Bruises and broken toes can also happen from slipping out of the shoe, tripping from someone stepping on the back of the flip flop or even accidentally kicking a solid object like a coffee table or rock.

Alternatives to the Universal Summer Footwear Favorite

Shoes should be safe not hazardous. So choose wisely next time you reach in your closet for a pair of shoes. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal addresses these risks and more: “Despite these dangers, experts encourage children to challenge themselves outside. Reaching that next monkey bar is an important part of a child’s maturation. And the benefits of being outside and getting physical activity far outweigh any risks. The risk of a lack of physical activity, they say, is far greater: obesity.”

So, keep an extra pair of comfortable sneakers or bump toe sandals for you and your children in the trunk of your car for an easy switch if you start experiencing pain. And don’t hesitate to visit us at eMedical Urgent Care; we’re available 7 days a week.

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